White LeBlanc Wealth Planners Presents:

Community Leaders

The White LeBlanc Wealth Planners Community Leader is someone we recognize each month for the great things they do for Nelson and its surrounding communities! Each month we scour to find this special person to recognize as our Community Leader and try as we might, we may not know of all the amazing people here in the Kootenays and their tremendous community acts!

Help us out by nominating someone you think should be a Community Leader, and if we choose your nomination, we will reward this person with a $100 Visa Gift Card.


White LeBlanc Wealth Planners Community Leaders

January – Anne Mackie volunteers her time with the Salvation Army. She’s the first person to take on a new job and is always willing to help. Anne makes a tremendous difference helping others at the Salvation Army. We’re grateful to have Anne.

February – Amy Villeneuve has volunteered with the Nelson Community Food Centre for more than a year. Though she has settled in the reception area of our Good Food Bank, she has taken on other roles as well. Amy always comes to the Food Centre with a great attitude and applies herself to the task at hand. Her way with our program participants is always welcoming, and she gets along very well with staff and other volunteers. It’s clear that Amy believes people have a right to access healthy food and we are thankful to have her with us. Congratulations on the award, Amy!

March – Paul Major was in charge of organizing all of the volunteers to maintain the Lions Park outdoor ice rink. In addition to doing a great deal of the regular flooding, he gave himself the task of flooding the rink in the middle of the night; as sometimes the rink was flooded up to 3 times/day. The enjoyment of the rink was clear, as there was hardly a time when the rink wasn’t being skated on, from morning, until the lights were turned off at 10pm. Paul’s organization of volunteers, as well his own commitment to rink maintenance, meant that so many could enjoy an incredible season of outdoor skating and fun.