The driver of a tanker truck that spilled 33,000 litres of jet fuel into Lemon Creek in 2013 is expected to learn his fate today.

Danny LaSante will be sentenced in Nelson Provincial Court this morning after being convicted nearly a year ago of pollution-related offences. His sentencing has been delayed several times.

His employer, Executive Flight Centre, is also charged with the same offences. Initially, a judge ruled the company was off the hook because it took too long for the case to get to trial, but the Crown successfully appealed the decision.

The provincial government was acquitted of the same charges.

LaSante was taking fuel to a staging area to fuel helicopters fighting a forest fire in the Slocan Valley but took a wrong turn. When authorities laid no charges, resident Marilyn Burgoon launched a private prosecution. Subsequently, the federal Crown took over the case and laid eight charges against LaSante under the Environmental Management and Fisheries Acts.