Nelson City Council has officially adopted the Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw and Property Tax Rate Bylaw, which means tax notices will be arriving in the mail for property owners soon.

According to the City, for the average residential home, the municipal property taxes for 2019 are estimated to be $1,654 or $138 per month. There’s no increase from the City this year, but as Chief Financial Officer Colin McClure explained, an increase is expected on the school tax portion, which is calculated based on communities across School District 8.

“Certainly the city and surrounding areas have seen a much higher increase in their assessed values and they are higher assessed values. So, we’re seeing a tax shifting of other communities, say a Creston or Slocan, that their school taxes will be going down, whereas a residential home in Nelson will be picking up that tax shift,” said McClure.

The average single family dwelling is expected to have a 15 per cent increase in assessed value, from $394,000 to $453,000, according to numbers from the City.

There was no property tax increase this year as funding from the Regional Park Service was approved which resulted in $350,000 granted to the City of Nelson to assist with the operation of Lakeside Park. The increases from the hospital and school tax, regional district, and BC Assessment is expected to be 6.5 percent, which factors in the Basic Home Owner grant.

McClure highlights a few new positions approved in the budget including a grave yard shift in the public works department.

“One of the challenges that the public works department really faces in trying to keep the downtown beautiful is that it’s really busy,” he explained. This will allow someone to work in essential areas, while also being a presence downtown during the overnight hours.

Another new position will also better address emergency preparedness. The full time Emergency Management Planner will ensure more detailed plans are put in place for all kinds of situations. Council has also approved hiring an additional beat officer to work downtown during the busy summer months.