Work continues on the Mt Abriel accessible cycling trails network near Nakusp. Construction is planned until 2021 with the goal to have 50 kilometers of trail eventually. It’s not only open to adaptive mountain bikers, but a new bridge put in last year has welcomed more family friendly use.

For 2019 part of the work will include a new pick nick pavilion at the top of the parking lot, according to project manager Dawn Driscoll.

“Looking for a little bit of a gathering space, fully accessible by wheelchairs again, seniors use, everybody who might like to be out there and just have a sit down view of the lake and enjoy what Mt Abriel has to offer,” she explained.

There’s also a bike skills park and 5.6 kilometers of new trail planned and the 26-spot campground just recently opened.

Over $445,000 in funding was received from the Community and Employer Partnerships program through the Province for 2018 to 2019.

“Work BC partners us with individuals who are looking for work. So last year we had five carpentry students and this year four carpentry students who are under a journeyman carpenter,” she said. They’ll have a chance to learn new skills and develop in their work.

It’s one of the only places in BC that Driscoll knows of with purpose built adaptive mountain biking trails. She added there’s been a lot of support from funders, volunteers, local organizations and businesses donating their equipment, time and resources. The area is described as “world-class accessible cycling trails” by the Province.

It’s located eight kilometers north of Nakusp on Highway 23.


Groundbreaking happened earlier this month on a new pavilion (Supplied by Nakusp and Area Bike Society, Facebook)