According to the Fraser Institute, the best-performing elementary school in our region is St. Joseph’s in Nelson.

The think-tank has released its annual rankings of schools in BC based on provincial test results.

But it’s often criticized by educators and administrators who feel it’s not an accurate reflection.

St. Joe’s, which is a Catholic school, came in 52nd out of 956 in the province.

Other local schools included Redfish at 153rd, Nelson Waldorf at 274th and Hume at 344th.

The full list of local schools  and their rankings are below:

St. Joseph (Nelson): 52
Mormon Hills (Bountiful): 74
Nakusp (Nakusp): 121
Redfish (Longbeach): 153
Rossland (Rossland): 210
Waldorf (Nelson): 274
Hume (Nelson): 344
D.A. Perley (Grand Forks): 388
Fruitvale (Fruitvale): 438
Kinnaird (Castlegar): 518
Rosemont (Nelson): 591
J.L. Webster (Warfield): 663
South Nelson (Nelson): 695
Glenmerry (Trail): 738
West Boundary (Rock Creek): 755
Brent Kennedy (South Slocan): 771
Twin Rivers (Castlegar): 841
Adam Robertson (Creston): 859
J.A. Hutton (Grand Forks): 874
Erickson (Erickson): 942