A Nelson man has been charged with income tax evasion and jailed in a separate matter.

Warren Fischer faces five counts of failing to comply with the Income Tax Act.

He’ll make his first court appearance on July 18.

The charges were laid in April and the offences alleged to have occurred in February.

Meanwhile, Fischer was recently sentenced to 60 days in jail for criminal contempt of court.

In 2014, the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners obtained a permanent injunction prohibiting Fischer from practicing traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture until he re-registered with the college.

This year, the college investigated allegations that Fischer was practicing without registration.

On April 18, BC Supreme Court Justice Peter Voith convicted Fischer of criminal contempt. He sentenced him to jail time and ordered him to pay the College’s legal costs.

“The public expects competent, responsible health practitioners who are qualified and accountable to the regulatory college with whom they are registered,” registrar Dr. Mary Watterson said in a statement posted on the college’s website. “Practising without registration is an offence under the Health Professions Act and places the public at risk.”

Patients who have received treatment from Fischer are being notified to contact the college if they want to retrieve their clinical records. The college will keep items seized from Fischer’s office for two years.