A local dam is about to join the Hydro Hall of Fame.

That’s the sound of the Upper Bonnington dam on the Kootenay River.

Fortis BC’s Nicole Bogdanovic says two of the generators were installed in 1916 and the other two in 1939.

The dam is in the second year of a five-year, $30-million dollar refurbishment, but will retain many of its original components.

The dam will be inducted into the Hydro Hall of Fame at a ceremony in North Carolina on June 26.

Bogdanovic says it’s an offshoot of a trade publication, Hydro Review, and honours electric plants with exceptional longevity.

The four original units at Upper Bonnington, which operate only during freshet, are the last of FortisBC’s 15 units to be modernized. They they have a capacity of 65 megawatts.

Below: Photos of the Upper Bonnington dam during a media tour this week.