The public comment period is coming to a close on a heli bike and skiing proposal by Retallack and the Lower Kootenay Band. It would cover 70,000 hectares in the South Purcell Mountains. Luanne Armstrong is a long time East Shore resident and part of the group who doesn’t want to see it go forward.

She says they have put together a committee with the goal of getting a land management plan put in place for the area.

Armstrong says she’s heard from people throughout the area who are concerned.

Retallack and the Lower Kootenay Band have said they will be reading all of the feedback and have already identified several amendments to improve the application.

In a press release from Retallack and the Lower Kootenay Band, Chief Jason Louie has said “this application presents a model of stewardship, that balances local environmental, social, cultural, and economic values.”

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