The Kootenay Outdoor Producers Co-op are looking to provide cannabis across the country and possible internationally as they gear up for legalization. President Todd Veri says they have 136 founding member investors and their license application will be submitted in the next month.

Veri says the plan is to grow outdoor organic cannabis on under utilized agricultural land across the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

“We’re looking at three farm sizes – different types of farms, I guess, that we’ll have throughout the region and we’re looking at upwards of 20 of each of those for next year so we’re looking for about 60 farms. I think we have about 30 or so applications in at this point in time.”

The Co-op was looking to purchase Georama Growers earlier this year, however are not moving forward with those plans. Veri says they’re just about to sign a lease for a property in Salmo for their nursery facility for one or two years.

“That’s the property that we’ve found in Salmo, we’re just about to sign a lease on that and we should have production of our mother plants and our license application going in in probably the next month or so.”

Veri says they’re looking to have over 2-million square feet of production and are looking to hit the ground running in the spring. He says there’s opportunities to export overseas with 38 or so countries that have some form of medical legalization.