Nelson’s Hall Street Phase II Project has finally wrapped up. Only a couple minor things still need to happen for example, installing benches and landscaping. The City says McNally Excavating is working in the parking lot area at the foot of Hall Street and is likely a week or two away from demobilizing. A delay in the arrival of some critical electrical and hardscape items for the park space has pushed back completion of the landscaping into the week of December 3. Disruption to the parking lot and accesses will be minimal, although at times, areas of the lot will be delineated off as works to erect light poles, for example, will require partial closures.

The City’s Chief Financial Officer Colin McClure says the budget seems to have gone according to plan so far.

“Based on what we’re seeing for the invoicing, which will kind of  trickle in here over the next few months, that we are basically in line with what we expected as per budget which was $7.4 million dollars and approximately 60 per cent of that was funded from the Build Canada Grant.”

The work includes updated underground storm water infrastructure to prevent flooding and a new park space at the end of Hall Street near the Prestige Lakeside Resort. McClure notes it already seems to be getting some use.

“Now at the bottom we’re going to have a nice park area where the gazebo is and the community steps that go down into the lake so we’re very excited. We’ve already started to see a change in pattern for people sitting down and having their lunch at the lake.”

Colin says overall the project went smoothly and now the contractor is moving on to sewer upgrades on Vernon Street, which shouldn’t take very long to complete; however, traffic delays are expected.

“The hope is that it’s not significant traffic delay and it’s about upgrading the sewer line that goes underneath Vernon Street out towards the Court House.”

Marwest and the City would like to thank everyone for their patience, especially those businesses directly affected by the construction.