Over 800 outstanding parking tickets have been paid in just over a week since the City of Nelson sent out its $15 offer to help settle the tickets which are usually $50. The City wants to clear up outstanding tickets as they update their bylaw enforcement software.

There were 26,000 in total and Chief Financial Officer Colin McClure says 5,200 letters were sent out to those who still owe. 53 per cent of those went to drivers outside of Nelson. McClure adds it can be hard to track those people down who just passed through once during the summer.

Ten dollars goes to the City’s Downtown Water Front Fund and $5 goes to another cause, explains McClure.

“It’s going to go into active transportation, so that’s more on your walking trails and biking trails and finding some funding to be able to support those types of causes in the community.”

McClure says if you want to find out if you have an outstanding ticket, you can look on the City’s website.

The offer is good until January 19.