Concerns about logging in Kootenay watersheds are on-going and an event on Monday, December 17 hopes to raise awareness. Kootenay Watersheds is a group hosting a peaceful rally and information camp as they say the Balfour face is set to be logged. One of the organizers, Kai Cabodyna, invites anyone interested.

“We’re going to have a bunch of people from the local area in Balfour and other passionate people around the community bringing their info and just sharing the awareness around what’s happening in the logging industry right now. Some of the maps for Balfour, people can actually see where the clear cuts are happening and more info on some of the other watersheds that are going to be cut.”

He highlights that it’s about bringing people together to protect nature.

“Friends, family, just people in the community that are interested in seeing forestry reform happening and protection of our watersheds. And by no means is this an event, and this whole movement is about bringing people closer with nature and not trying to divide people in terms of the loggers and the watershed protectors, but it’s in the betterment of everybody’s future.”

He says although the area was logged in the past and a land side also occurred, there are five cut blocks planned around Laird Creek. He describes it as a complicated issue but feels more people need to start writing to all-levels of government and those in the industry to voice their concerns in order to see change.