Small increases expected for Nelson utilities this year. Council gave first three readings to the 2019 rates on Monday.

For Nelson Hydro it’s 1.5 per cent for urban classes and 2.94 per cent for rural effective April first. The rural rate change will assist in recovering increased operating expenses which includes an increase of $100,000 in vegetation management.

Water and sewer will both go up as well; two per cent for water and 1.5 per cent for sewer. The total increase is $18.90 a year for a single family home. A portion of the water fees will go towards the sewer service as upgrading work is anticipated.

There is no fee change expected for garbage and recycling pick up. The rates for a single family home are a $40.00 annual charge and $1.50 charge per garbage bag (tag) for disposal. The City says it has renewed its agreement with Recycle BC for another five years, effective January 1, 2019. With the new agreement an additional $8,000 in revenue is expected. The use of blue bags for recycling collection will also have to be eliminated under the new contract effective July 2020.

It’s been 12 years since there was an increase in the collection fee.