John Dooley spent close to the limit in his successful campaign for mayor of Nelson last October.

Financial disclosure documents released by Elections BC show Dooley spent $11,125, which was $85 short of the maximum allowed.

Incumbent mayor Deb Kozak spent $5,835, while third-place finisher Bernie Brown spent nothing.

On the council side, the top spender was Cal Renwick, at $4,407. He was the only one of five candidates running under the CORE slate elected to council.

CORE, a local electors organization, raised $10,000, but only spent about $5,900. Its donors included Ed Olthof and Stu McDonald at $1,000 each, Renwick himself at $1,200, Vince DeVito at $600, Randy Horswill at $510 and Paul, Sam, and Andy Cowan at $500 each.

CORE spent $821 on Renwick’s campaign, and the same amount on the campaigns of Travis Hauck and Michelle Hillaby. It spent $1,092 to help Brian Shields and $1,118 on Stephanie Wiggins’ campaign.

Next to Renwick, the top spender was Rik Logtenberg ($3,081), who topped the polls. He was followed by incumbent Robin Cherbo ($2,943) and Laureen Barker ($2,900), neither of whom were elected.

Next highest were Janice Morrison ($2,768), Jesse Woodward ($2,170), Keith Page ($2,071) and Brittny Anderson ($1,860), all of whom won council seats.

Among the remaining candidates not elected, Leslie Payne spent $1,184, Joseph Reiner $905, Rob Richichi $835, incumbent Bob Adams $829, former councillor Marg Stacey $730, and Robbie Kalabis $270. Last-place finisher Charles Jeanes was the most frugal candidate at $170.

The spending limit for Nelson council candidates was $5,610.

The disclosure documents can be found in full by clicking here.