Nelson City Council have put their official support behind a campaign to save lands around Cottonwood Lake Park from logging. Councillor Rik Logtenberg brought the issue forward and was happy to see his fellow councillors on board.

“I’m heartened that it was unanimous. I think council recognizes that the issue really important to the people of Nelson and also acknowledge just the level professionalism and hard work that the Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society has done.”

He explains how council’s endorsement and an official letter of support can help the campaign.

“In some cases you can’t really get through the grant process, or some grants, without that letter of support, it’s often a requirement. And in this case, the grants that the society is looking at do require some sort of support from the City.”

He feels it’s also a statement to the community that the issue is something to be concerned about.

A Go Fund Me Campaign brought in over $51,000 towards the purchase and now grants are being pursued. CouncillorĀ Logtenberg also highlights the letter writing campaign that’s been underway.

“We’ve been getting letters, like daily, tens of them a day; 20, 30 sometimes a day. In addition, I know those same letters are going to province and the other directors at the regional district.”

The Society will also be making a presentation to theĀ Regional District of Central Kootenay.

For more information on the campaign, click here.