Nelson has reached a deal with the regional parks commission that will see the city receive $350,000 this year towards upkeep of its parks.

It recognizes that rural residents use city parks such as Lakeside and Gyro, which are not designated regional parks. Salmo and rural areas E, F, and G pay in to the service along with the city.

“It has been very difficult to find the right approach and right amount,”¬†Area E director Ramona Faust says. “As late as yesterday we were still in internal discussions over it. I’ve been working for fairness, but I’m not sure we won’t need to revisit the discussion.”

City director Janice Morrison called the deal “a move in the right direction. So yes, I’m happy.”

Although the city’s share accounts for more than half of the overall parks budget, Morrison says they will make adjustments so the move works out to be net neutral for city taxpayers.

In addition to the money allocated for Nelson parks, the Kokanee Visitors Centre will receive $10,000, KP Park in Salmo will receive $4,000 and George Murray Memorial Park in Ymir will receive $2,000. Another $20,000 will be added to reserves.