After a small ammonia leak at the the Nelson Curling Centre this year, the club is hoping regional district staff will take over operation of the ice plant. Club members attended the Rec Commission meeting this week with their ask and presented some letters of support from the business community and individuals.

“Pretty much everyone understands that curling is important to us, it’s just where is the money going to come from to take over the option, that’s the big question,” says President Gordon Weiss. “That involves regional taxation and funding and it gets complex and that’s where we’re at right now. We’re waiting to see how that unfolds.”

Volunteers with the curling club would continue much of their work, but the operation of the ice plant and building maintenance would go to the RDCK Rec Commission, similar to what’s done at the Nelson and District Community Complex.

A motion was passed at the meeting asking staff to investigate expanding the services.

Over the summer the ammonia plant will need work.┬áThe cost is estimated at roughly $70,000-75,000 which Weiss says wasn’t too big of a hit.

“We we’re looking at other options that are more expensive and just not viable for us at this time, but just to get the plant up and running for October, it’s not too bad. It’s kind of where we thought we would be.”

The club can cover much of the cost but are hoping for some help from the local RDCK directors.