A lack of regulations for logging on private lands continues to be an issue that Nelson City Council hope to see addressed. Council supported a resolution in principal to bring to this month’s Association of Kootenay and Boundary Local Governments (AKBLG) AGM.

Each year the local governments from the Kootenay and Boundary region meet and this year’s conference is in Castlegar from April 26-28.

It’s not the first time these concerns are being raised, according to councillor Brittny Anderson, but under a new NDP government, could see different results.

“We have a different provincial leadership than we’ve had in the past so this would be an excellent opportunity for them to show this leadership, and to take advantage of t his opportunity to hear what rural British Columbians are calling for an to take action protecting our ecosystems.”

Councillor Anderson highlighted the current situation at Cottonwood Lake Park and the Apex area as an example of why greater regulations needs to be established.

There are protections for riparian zones, but land owners are able to “log it in a way that is very unsustainable and then essentially leave,” she said.

The Private Forest Lands Regulation resolution seeks to grant further municipal authority over forested lands adjacent to municipalities. Landowners with commercial interests would be required to consult with, and provide information to, municipalities.

If passed at the AKLBG meeting, it will be brought to the Union of BC Municipalities convention.