Just after 1:30 this morning, Nelson Fire and Rescue Services responded to a fire just south of the city boundary towards Salmo.

When crews arrived they encountered embers in the air and discovered multiple objects on fire. Two travel trailers, a boat, and a shed were already involved with the fire spreading to the adjacent trees.

Nelson Fire and Rescue were able to confirm there were no occupants in the burning trailers and members from the RCMP and Nelson Police Department assisted with evacuating the remaining trailers.

One occupant suffered second degree burns to his arm and respiratory tract as well as smoke inhalation and was transferred to Kootenay Lake Hospital by BC Ambulance.

As there are no hydrants in the area the call was made for mutual aid from Beasley, Blewett, and the North Shore Fire Departments to provide water shuttle support. All off-duty and auxiliary members were requested to respond as well and in total nine firefighters attended with two fire engines, one tender truck, and one utility vehicle.

According to Nelson Fire and Rescue, the first arriving crew’s primary objective was to protect the exposures and prevent the fire from spreading to additional trailers and the forest, as well as cooling the numerous propane cylinders there were in the vicinity. The public is reminded to remove all combustible materials from around their homes and to never store propane in concealed places.

Three cylinders were easily accessible and removed from
the heat while additional ones were cooled with hose streams to prevent them from continuing
to vent. (Submitted: Nelson Fire and Rescue Services)

Members working around the trailers also observed a large quantity of discarded needles.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Nelson RCMP and Nelson Fire and Rescue, but it appears to have originated in or around one of the trailers and spread to the other structures.

Damage and loss is estimated at $40,000.