Nelson’s first ever Safe Boating Week is just about a week away! Sail Nelson is hosting the free event to promote safety on the water, and educate the community.

Sail Nelson Owner and Event Organizer Penny Caldwell says Nelson is is lucky to have the Kootenay Lake, but there are things to be aware of:

“For instance our water is very cold, you know with the depth, and also the run off of snow from the mountain our lake generally stays very cold. So having an understanding of cold water shock and the impact of cold water can do to your body….”

Caldwell says over 16 partners are coming together to educate and raise awareness for safety on the water:

“Every partner is bringing something different to the table and I think that’s the other thing that’s going to make this event exciting is the variety of information and booths that people are going to be able to have access to.”

Some activities include a walk-through of Search and Rescue equipment and emergency vehicles, a Kootenay Lake mysteries booth, expired flare disposal, and meeting BC Conservation’s K9 Major. The scavenger hunt features a draw for a 4-hour boat rental courtesy of Christina Lake Marina. The free event runs from 10AM to 2PM on May 25th at Lakeside Park.

You can read more about the event here!