The Nelson Police Department have issued another notice that a cougar has been seen around the Fairview area.

On May 18, police said the sightings had happened over the last three days in Lakeside Park, the 100 block of Trevor Street, and on View Street.

On May 13, police sent out a notice of sightings from the 400 block of Chatham Street, the 600 block of Nelson Avenue and Sproat Drive.

Residents are encouraged to monitor their children closely outdoors and to bring their pets in at night. Further sightings can be reported by calling the RAPP line at 1-877-952-RAPP or by cellular art #7277.

Some safety tips if you encounter a cougar:
1. Never approach a cougar
2. Immediately and forcefully show the animal that you’re a human by waving your arms and being
3. Never turn your back to a cougar. Always face it while slowly backing away.
4. Never run away as it may trigger a chase response from the cougar.
5. If a cougar attacks, fight back.