Nelson residents can have their say on new lighting for the downtown.  The City is looking for feedback as 85 streetlights need to be replaced.

According to the City, many are passed their end of life, which is about 15 to 25 years and some have deteriorated.

There’s five new options online with their pricing and the City is asking that you rank your favourite.

The new lights will have to meet some of Nelson Hydro and Development Services’ requirements such as LED lighting, dark sky compliant, and corrosion-resistant material for the poles.

Significant grants were received to produce the custom cast streetlights that are downtown today. The company that produced the replica no longer has the tools or the cast and it would cost the City approximately $70,000 to make the cast, plus $10,000 to produce each streetlight.

The survey has to be completed by May 26. Council will decide on the new lights in June.

Click here to see the options.