NELSON, B.C – City council has decided to pass a letter of support to Nelson Cannabis Collective in support of growing within the city limits.
The declaration comes after the collective asked the city to take a stance on growing within city limits where it is currently prohibited.
The group is looking to open a growing facility on 45 Government Road.

Issuing a letter of support does not mean a green light for that facility.
“Providing the requested letter would signal to the cannabis industry that the City
supports the emerging market and is committed to proactively working with the industry”, staff writes, while also acknowledging issues.
“At the same time, providing a letter supporting the cultivation of cannabis within City
limits could be controversial for some community members”.

During the council meeting on Monday night some councilors drew parallels between the cannabis and craft beer industry.
Councillor Janice Morrison, who opposed the issuing of the letter, says that the comparison is inaccurate.

“Craft breweries that started in the city did not come into the city asking for any letters of support or special allotment. I think the cannabis industry needs to stand on its own two feet and let the market decide who is the successful grower or retailer, and who isn’t”, she says.