NELSON, B.C. – How prepared are you if a wildfire would strike?
Last year was the worst wildfire year on record with over 13,000 sq ft lost to the flames and the consequences were massive for some families forced to evacuate.
Prepared B.C has now issued a guide to help residents make quicker and better decisions during a wildfire crisis.

“We are heading into July when wildfires tend to be topical and the risk is the greatest”, Prepared B.C public education and online communications officer Ryan Turcot tells My Nelson Now.
“I would pose this question to listeners: Do you have the household emergency plan? If you are separated from your family when emergency happens, would you have a way to get in contact with your family and meet in one spot?”

Among the tips found in the guide are how to assemble a grab-and-go bag, as well as information on various authorities and what they do during an emergency.
The guide was assembled in close collaboration with other agencies.
The guide can be found here.