NELSON, B.C – After outrage over controversial evangelist preacher Angus Buchans appearance in Castlegar over the weekend, RDCK say it will be reviewing the procedures surrounding use of its facilities.

It was on Sunday that protesters gathered in Pass Creek Park outside Castlegar after learning it would feature a sermon by South African preacher Angus Buchan.
Buchan has been repeatedly accused for spreading homophobia and misogyny in his speeches, and in 2016 he was banned from speaking in Scotland after protests broke out over his previous claims that prayer can “cure” homosexuality.

RDCK say that they have received a number of complaints and concerns from the public over Buchan being allowed to rent the Pass Creek exhibition grounds, which is operated by Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Society.
The Society were not involved in the booking of the grounds, which is owned by the RDCK.

“As a result we are going to be looking some of the procedures we have for booking our venues”, Stuart Horn, chief administrative officer for the RDCK told My Nelson Now.

He stresses it is too early to say what the review will lead to, but he says the RDCK have not been investigating the organizations wanting to rent Pass Creek.
“We generally don’t, unless we have been forewarned in some way. We take it upon the group to run a responsible event and abide by the laws of British Columbia, which is a part of our contract”, Horn said.

He would not comment on whether the event was appropriate for Pass Creek.
An email to the organizers of the Mighty Men festival from My Nelson Now went unanswered.