KOOTENAYS, B.C. – A train connection between the east and west Kootenays could become a reality in the future.

A new study from the Castlegar and District Economic Development Office aims to find out if such a connection would be feasible.
The infrastructure is already in place as a connection could go onto the already existing CP rail tracks, says Mark Laver who works for the development office.

And with recent service cuts to public transportation, such as the Greyhound lines, the demand is there, a request for proposal states.
He is currently on the hunt for a consultant to look at the matter closer.
“Is it going to be a 400, or 40 person train? Daily service or weekly service? We can’t bring our preconceived notions and biases into this study, so we are hiring a consultant for this study”, he told MyNelsonNow.com.

The study is backed by funding from several partners, including the province.