TRAIL, B.C – RCMP say a 12-year old girl could have fallen to her death after climbing on top of a bridge in search of a good pose for social media pictures.

According to Sergeant Mike Wicentowich with Trail RCMP, the girl had a friend with her taking cell phone pictures as she posed after climbing onto the bridge.
“It is concerning”, Wicentowich told
He says his detachment has investigated similar social media related stunts before.
“There was one in particular called “The Milk Challenge” where you were supposed to go into grocery stores and smash milk cartons. We had that happen here”, he said.

Wicentowich says the girls were taken home to their parents and were given a talking to.
“I think it is rare to see such a young person take such a risk to themselves, but these things on social media are fairly common and come across the attention of police now and then”.
Now, he says, parents should sit down with their teens and have a discussion on what these trends can lead to and the dangers connected to them.