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Documentary on Nelson investigates social issues and image of the city

NELSON, B.C. – A documentary premiering next spring takes a hard look at social issues in Nelson, set to the backdrop of the 2018 civic election.

Local filmmaker Amy Bohigian says her documentary “Only in Nelson” was intended to be a piece exploring the “quirky and funny” side of the city – but that the work quickly took her in a different direction.
“Being a social documentarian it didn’t take long before i got into some of the more serious issues this town faces”, she told
During the filming process, those issues reached a grim peak as a man was killed in a street brawl over a panhandling spot on Baker Street in downtown Nelson – a central event in the story.
“With the municipal election going on, it was a perfect opportunity to draw out the issues that were really top of mind for everybody”, Bohigian said.

The documentary also follows John Dooley, Deb Kozak – and Bubbles the Clown as the last, and perhaps most colourful of the three mayoral candidates during the race for the title.
“It captured some of the more spirited situations that arose around particular issues in town”, said the filmmaker.

Bohigian released the trailer for “Only in Nelson” on Saturday – immediately racking up thousands of views.
It is set to air on the Knowledge Network and theatres across North America next spring, but has two screenings planned at the Civic Theatre in Nelson October 2-3.

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