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Federal Election 2019: Trev Miller, Animal Protection Party

*Updated Oct 11, 2019*

Attending the October 16, 2019 All Candidates Forum in Creston, Trev Miller said his party is about more than animal protection and diet.

“Our party isn’t talking about making everybody vegan or vegetarian.” Miller told “All we’re talking about is taking a look at industry practices. Are they environmentally sustainable? If they are then that’s goo. If not, then working on removing these subsidies going to unsustainable industries.”

Miller laid out his party’s plan to phase out subsidies for industries impeding sustainability and those funds to introduce a “minimum income level”. If a Canadian is unable to reach $25,000 a year, then the government will make up the difference. This practice will help with what he believes is an impeding shift in the job economy.

In the short term, creation of jobs is admirable because right now we are living in a job based economy. In the long term we’ll not be living in a job based economy. As automation safely and efficiently continues to replace human labour, we’re going to have a growing pool of people willing to work, and have the agency to do so, but just won’t be able to find employment.”

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Meanwhile, Miller says he believes Canada does have an opportunity to take advantage of a more plant-based future.

“Pulses, Lentils and hemp for example. A lot of these alternatives and protein sources are being demanded by these companies, like the beyond burger. B.C. and Alberta, these places where we have very fertile land, we’re poised to take over the whole market.”

For more information on the Animal Protection Party candidate and the upcoming All Candidates Forum, read below.


The Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting an All Federal Candidates Forum in Creston on October 16th.

The forum will be moderated by Chamber Vice-President and Creston Valley Advance Publisher Brian Lawrence as well as reporter, Jensen Shields.

All 10 questions will be submitted by the public and read by the moderators. Each Candidate will introduce themselves and then be will be allowed to speak for up to one minute in response to each question.

Questions for candidates must be submitted to [email protected] by noon Oct. 14.

The free event will run between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at the Prince Charles Secondary School Auditorium.


*With Files From Bradley Jones,*


Trev Miller is running in the 2019 federal election for the Animal Protection Party, with a platform that expresses deep concerns about climate change and the need to make significant economic changes to fight it.

The Animal Protection Party is a newer federal party that formed in 2006 and ran a single candidate but now has 14 candidates running across Canada in 2019, with Miller being one of those candidates in Kootenay-Columbia.

“Our main platform policies have to do with the protection of animals and the environment. We are a full-platform party so we talk about health care, education, foreign affairs,” Miller told “I’m here to represent all of the interests, all of the needs of all electors and non-electors in the Kootenay-Columbia riding.”

With post-secondary education in journalism and psychology, Miller said he is an experienced listener that can effectively talk with others to make the required changed necessary to combat climate change.

“Our plan is to phase out subsidies to industries impeding sustainability and using these and other funds to introduce basic income programs and other solutions that will help all Canadians,” said Miller. “There is a great economic disparity globally and the Animal Protection Party is the only political group in Canada talking about the kind of reform necessary to ensure the dignity of all Canadians.”

More: Animal Protection Party Platform (Animal Protection Party)

Holding strong views on the climate emergency, Miller said they would strengthen Environment and Climate Change financially and scientifically while imposing tariffs on countries with less severe carbon pricing measures than Canada. Those funds and current subsidies given to “destructive industries” would then be used for the development and adoption of alternative energy.

“The Animal Protection Party in 2006 was saying that animal agriculture needs to be dismantled to save this planet and the difference now is we’re being joined by 6 million others worldwide aware that this planet is in its death rows and billions of people are going to die unless we change. I’m not sure how I would feel as a citizen in Kootenay-Columbia watching citizens of South America and Africa die from droughts and heat waves created by my culture’s excessive demands.”

Although the Animal Protection Party has one of its key issues embedded in its name, Miller said she wants to represent the riding as its next Member of Parliament by looking after all issues and needs of the constituents.

“I live in this area, I’d like to represent the Kootenays because it’s beautiful, we have wonderful people and we have some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. No one is asking for anyone to do the impossible, one reward of becoming compassionate and eco-friendly is realizing I do have control and that my actions do make a difference.”

More: Trev Miller Animal Protection Party (Animal Protection Party)

Trev Miller is one of six candidates running in Kootenay-Columbia, along with Rob Morrison of the Conservatives, Wayne Stetski of the NDP, Robin Goldsbury for the Liberals, Abra Brynne for the Green Party, and Rick Stewart from the People’s Party of Canada.

Residents head to the polls on October 21, 2019, to vote for their next federal government and their next Member of Parliament in Kootenay-Columbia.

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