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Grades, Graduation and Post Secondary options for SD#8 students

High school graduation marks a pivotal time in almost everyone’s lives.

Seemingly, from that moment, your next steps determine what sort of life you will lead.

Unfortunately because of the COVID-19 outbreak, these next steps will be taken down an unfamiliar path.

In an April 17, 2020 letter to all families and staff, School District #8 Kootenay Lake outlined the path its graduates will be taking in the coming months.

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Out of necessity, graduation ceremonies are cancelled.

“Formal school ceremonies will not take place this year,” Superintendent & Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Christine Perkins said, “We know that is a huge disappointment for our Grads and our hearts are with you. Your Principal will be in touch.“ 

As for the year-end report card, Perkins announced, “This mark will build on where you were prior to Spring Break and will include a teacher assessment of your new learning since that time.”

For graduates who are applying for post-secondary education, Perkins said the process will differ from institution to institution.

“Please understand that the entire globe is facing this experience together,” added Perkins. “Post-Secondary Institutions are fully aware the situation is not “normal” and will adapt processes accordingly. They are taking a flexible approach to admissions, knowing that students are coming from jurisdictions all around the world and are having very different experiences during their final year of high school. For specific concerns, kindly approach the individual institution, check their website, or contact your guidance counsellor for assistance.”

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