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RDCK Yard & Garden tipping fees waived for May

Yard and garden (Y&G) waste drop off will continue to be free through the month of May in the east sub region at the Creston, Crawford Bay and Boswell waste facilities. 

The Regional District of Central Kootenay said the free Y&G programs in the west and central sub regions will continue through May as well.

The measure was initially adopted to address air quality concerns, which resulted in no open burns in high density areas, and to align with the RDCK’s fire risk reduction efforts. 

Though Y&G tipping fees are waived at facilities themselves, General Manager of Environmental Services Uli Wolf says it doesn’t mean it’s free in the long run.

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“Management of Y&G waste comes with a significant cost to the RDCK, especially the hauling and grinding,” said Wolf, “and when tipping fees are not collected to subsidize them, these costs fall on all taxpayers.” 

Meanwhile, illegal dumping is being reported at an increased rate all over the Kootenays and the Interior. The illegal act both attracts wildlife, like bears and vermin, and is a fire risk.

“Unfortunately, despite all of the provisions for residents to dispose of their yard waste in a thoughtful and safe manner, some persist in driving to a remote side road and illegally dumping without consideration of the fire hazard this creates when a location begins to be used by several people,” said Garry Jackman, Area A Director, Chair of East Resource Recovery Committee. “These few have created serious risks which have been cleaned up in the past through the expenditure of our provincial tax dollars. This is a good year for everyone to reflect on their habits and deal with their waste either through their own composting or through the transfer stations.”

The RDCK also announced that all waste facilities with a weigh scale returned to accepting all material types and payments. Remaining facilities will follow suit later in May,2020.

For further details, visit the following link provided by the RDCK.

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