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Premier applauds B.C.’s efforts against COVID-19

B.C. Premier John Horgan has given an update on the progress that B.C. has made against the COVID-19 pandemic, and he feels the province and its residents have done well, so far.

On Thursday, Horgan expressed optimism for how B.C.’s restart has been going.

“We’ve continued to see relatively low new cases of COVID-19, which speaks to the best approach we could come with, which was a gradual restart of the economy,” said Horgan.

As well Horgan said that B.C.’s place among the leaders in Canada’s response to COVID-19 has the potential of drawing in increased economic investment, which has included a recent $500-million investment from CN Rail.

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“Private sector investments like that are critical to our success going forward, There are increasing numbers of companies that are looking at British Columbia as having successfully flattened the curve, and having a skilled, dynamic, multi-cultural workforce that can help them advance their business interest,” explained Horgan. “That’s more private sector investment, which means more activity in the economy for people.”

As well, Horgan touted B.C. as being the only province in the country to get students back in a classroom setting in the past school year, even though Quebec has also opened schools up to optional classes on May 11th. Schools in B.C., Manitoba and Prince Edward Island opened part-time on June 1st.

“Education Minister Rob Flemming has been working with stakeholders up to July. He will continue to work through the summer to make sure that we have a robust plan in place so parents, teachers and kids can have a good understanding of what the world will look like come September.”

According to Premier Horgan, B.C.’s place as one of the leaders of Canada’s COVID-19 response is due to the efforts of residents.

“Its the resilience of British Columbians that have allowed us to be in this privileged position in Canada,” said Horgan. “We are tackling public health issues head-on, but we are also recognizing that our economy needs to continue to operate.”

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