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Nelson Fire and Rescue Services puts out two fires on Granite Road

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services got more than they bargained for when responding to a grass fire on Granite Road.

At around 11:51 today, all on-duty members including the Assistant Chief, the Fire Chief, and four members from home, responded to what they said was a roughly 17,000 square foot area of grass that was burning.

Crews said the fire started from an unattended burn pit at a nearby home and in total it took 2,500 gallons of water to put out the flame.

“The unattended fire, high winds, and dry conditions all contributed to how fast the ground fire spread,” said Jeff Herbert, Assistant Fire Chief.

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While dealing with the flame, Nelson Fire and Rescue got another call further up Granite Road regarding a second alleged unattended burn pile.

The Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief said they were able to leave the first incident to check it out and upon arrival, they found the burn pile was attended to but was being improperly done.

“Although it was attended, the burn pile was burning hot and had little to no fuel break around it,” said Herbert. “With the dry environment and high winds, embers were beginning to start small fires downwind from the burn and there was a concern the adjacent forest may be threatened.”

A fire engine tending the first flame was deployed to help extinguish the second, where crews said about 2,000 gallons of water was used to put out the fire along with wetting down the nearby forest as a precaution.

In total between the two incidents, there were seven firefighters, one fire engine, one tender truck, and two utility vehicles deployed. Nelson Fire and Rescue Services said no one was injured during the fires.

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services responded to two grass fires on Granite Road. (Supplied by Nelson Fire and Rescue Services)
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