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Campfire ban coming to B.C. for the summer

Campfires will be banned throughout the province starting at noon on Wednesday.

This is added on top of the already existing Category 2 and 3 burn ban.

The B.C. Government classifies a campfire as any fire smaller than half a metre in any direction.

Measures are expected to lift on October 15th, or sooner if conditions change.

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B.C. officials said the ban will help reduce the risk of wildfires this season after this week’s record-breaking heat.

“This follows a spring of lower-than-average precipitation in the southern half of the province. These conditions are expected to persist in the coming weeks,” said B.C. Government officials.

According to the B.C. Government, preventable human-caused wildfires divert important resources away from combating lightning-caused fires.

“Additional precautions are being undertaken throughout the province, including fire warden patrols, fixed-wing aircraft patrols and an active enforcement presence. Wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility,” explained officials.

The campfire ban and Category 2 and Category 3 open fires include the following:

  • A fire larger than two meters high by three meters wide.
  • Three or more piles burning at the same time, no larger than the size mentioned above.
  • Burning off one or more windrows.
  • Burning of grass over an area larger than 0.2 hectares.
  • Fireworks
  • Sky lanterns
  • Burn barrels and cages
  • Torches
  • Outdoor stoves or other portable campfire set up without a Canadian Standards Association or Underwriter Laboratories of Canada rating
  • Exploding targets

Wildfires, violations of the burn ban and unattended campfires can be reported to 1-800-663-5555  or by texting *5555 on a cell phone.

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