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B.C. Government allows cocktails-to-go

Licensed pubs and restaurants can now serve cocktails in their to-go orders.

The province says the new changes to the liquor regulations will allow the sale of single-serving, pre-mixed drinks as long as it is bought with a meal.

These changes add on to the recent changes that permanently authorized the delivery of alcohol.

“We’re continuing to open up new revenue stream opportunities to help our hospitality sector rebuild in the wake of the pandemic,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “At the same time, appropriate safeguards will be in place to protect public safety and prevent minors’ access to liquor.”

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According to the B.C. government, pre-mixed drinks will need to be packaged properly so they can be transported lawfully.

Drinks must have a label that includes the type and amount of alcohol in the drink and a list of all other ingredients. The province says only adults who have completed Serving It Right training will be allowed to deliver cocktails with food.

The B.C. government says the changes will help businesses get extra revenue and give consumers more options.

Both Ontario and Alberta have allowed cocktails-to-go since December 2020 and the province says they haven’t noted any public safety issues.

People purchasing drinks for delivery are required to provide two pieces of identification to prove they are of legal drinking age.

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