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Candidate profile: NDP seeking to retake Kootenay-Columbia with Wayne Stetski

The NDP will be represented in Kootenay Columbia with their candidate, Wayne Stetski.

Stetski said the NDP is coming into the 2021 Federal Election with a broad platform.

“People are really excited about free dental care and free prescription drugs. That was the initial vision from Tommy Douglas, to be covered from the bottoms of our feet to the tops of our heads in terms of medical support,” explained Stetski. “Then, of course, there’s our seniors and our senior care. The gaps in our system have really shown up during COVID, so we have a lot to fix to make sure our moms and dads and our grandmas and grandpas in senior care are much better looked after.”

Stetski said the NDP also plans to address the rising cost of education and put efforts towards reconciliation with Indigenous people.

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If elected, Stetski said he would push hard to address issues constituents have told him are important.

“The priorities on everyone’s mind, of course, number one is the climate crisis that we’ve been facing, number two is the lack of affordable housing, right around the riding and everywhere. It not only impacts people personally, but it’s also impacting small businesses who are having difficulty bringing people into the community to take really good jobs because they can’t find affordable housing,” said Stetski.

One thing the candidate wishes to emphasize is his past engagement with constituents, and plans to keep that up, should he win.

“If they sent in phone calls or emails or letters, they generally got responses. In fact, I used to tell my staff what we would respond to every email, every phone call, every letter so they know I’m there for them,” said Stetski.

Stetski was in the position as Kootenay-Columbia’s MP in the past, serving from 2015 to 2019 before losing the election to Conservative candidate Rob Morrison. He also served as Cranbrook’s mayor, from 2011 to 2014.

The NDP candidate said he feels he is ready to retake the position as the riding’s MP.

“My whole life has been devoted to the people and the planet. I still have what I call ‘the burn to serve,’ and as long as that burn is there, I will continue to seek the opportunity to once again be the Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia.”

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