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Former Conservative Leader visits Rob Morrison on the campaign

The former Conservative Party leader visited Rob Morrison and endorsed the Party’s housing plan.

Deb Grey is a former MP and was the first female leader of the Opposition in Canadian history and she said housing is an important issue and the Conservative plan will help Canadians.

“Housing is a huge issue for everybody, I live on Vancouver Island, it’s a big issue there and here it’s a big issue,” said Grey.

“The Conservative Party said they’ll build one million new houses over three years and a part I really like is they’ll sell 15 per cent of federal government housing units and office units.”

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Grey added that the government needs to look at more practical solutions that won’t cost taxpayers as much money.

“The government has an incredible amount of real estate, let’s ditch some of that and make sure we have affordable housing for people,” added Grey.

“Why not do something practical like that rather than the federal government clinging on like grim death to a lot of these places, make it housing, make it work.”

Grey also said the government needs to move away from CERB and encourage people to get back in the workforce.

“So many of these workers are on CERB, government subsidies and they need to be back working again because people need to work, people want to work and people pay taxes when they’re working.”

Grey added that the Conservatives if elected, are focusing on people’s right to choose the services they want.

“I think one of the most important things we’re offering is that you have the freedom to choose. I should have the freedom to choose where my kids go to school, I should have the freedom to determine who’s going to give daycare to my kids.”

Voters head to the polls on September 20th.

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