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The Bridge Breakfast with Trent

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The Bridge Breakfast with Trent
Weekdays 6am-10am

If you’re looking for a guy with a heart of gold and looking to make you smile I’m your man. Wait, this isn’t a dating profile?

Hello my name is Trent and I’ve come from the Sunshine Coast to the beautiful Kootneys. Both have a lot of similarities in the friendly nature of people, love of the outdoors and the chill vibe of the town.

Hockey is a true passion of mine, whether its playing, watching or just talking about it, it entertains me for hours. Go Canucks Go!

As for other interests, I’m pretty simple. I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and exploring. But, I also enjoy just chilling at home watching movies and playing video games.

One thing I’ll definitely have to learn is how to ski and snowboard. So when you see a guy falling on his face a lot this winter in the mountains, that’ll be me. But, I encourage you to come over and laugh at me, because I guarantee I’ll be laughing at myself.

Wake up with Trent! 

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