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Infrastructure expansion in Balfour not just a pipe dream

An agreement between the RDCK and Sumac Ventures to develop 18 units along Queens Bay Road in Balfour means that there will have to be an expansion of the current water system infrastructure to accommodate the new units.

“The water structure wasn’t in place within the Balfour water system boundary so a water main extension is required for the additional parcels,” says Alexandra Divlakowski, water operations manager for RDCK.

“The extension is needed to provide proof of potable water, so we can move forward with the subdivision application..

“The cost for the extension will not be incurred by the residents, but rather the developer will incur all the cost for the system.”

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One of the benefits for the extension would be an increase in financial reserves for capital projects and that would be an extra $3,000 per lot.

“The biggest benefit is that we are able to expand our infrastructure without going into our reserves to expand our system, which may provide us the ability to expand even further,” said Divlakowski.

Construction of the expansion, and lots, has already started and will ensure residents have safe, potable water from now and going forward, Divlakowski said.

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