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Speculation about a 50-year-old rifle shoots across Nelson

A 50-year-old Winchester rifle has been found in Kootenay Lake just west of Nelson’s big orange bridge. 

Diving enthusiast Bruce Morrison has been collecting items since 2008 from the lake’s depths and is familiar with every inch below the surface. 

“The rifle was found so far west of the bridge that I don’t think anyone could have thrown it off,” says Morrison. “My working theory is that someone dropped it in the lake to get rid of it.”

Morrison was interested in trying to establish some history to see if the weapon had any background attached to it.

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“I did take it to the police to see if there was criminal history attached to it, but it was in such bad condition it could not be determined without an investigation.

“Any serial numbers are too far gone to establish any connection, so I just cleaned it up and mounted it for display.”

A photo of Morrison holding the  gun has been posted on social media through the Kootenay Lake Tourism Facebook page, along with a lot of speculation about its purpose. Some even go as far as saying it could be evidence from a crime 

“Whose it is, and what it was for will have to remain a mystery,” Morrison says. 

Morrison offers all of his artifacts that he believes could have historical value to any relevant organization.

“I have found what appears to be an aboriginal weight to hold their nets down. If any aboriginal groups want it or have a place to display it they’re welcome to it.”

To follow Morrison’s diving adventures visit the Nelson Kootenay Lake website.

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