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More public transportation needed: Nelson mayoral candidate 

Nelson mayoral candidate Mike Zeabin wants to bring back buses on Sunday. 

Zeabin is campaigning on extending the public transportation system to include service seven days a week.

“Seniors need to get to and from church, and shopping,” says Zeabin. “Right now they don’t have a way to get into town and that is difficult.”

Zeabin knows that council would have to find funds to pay for the increased service, but he has a solution.

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“I would find money with provincial grants,” says Zeabin. “I know there is money in grants that have not been used, so that would be something I would address.”

He is also looking to address the growing concern of garbage collection in the city.

“With the accumulation of garbage for two weeks, and the warm weather it creates a smell,” says Zeabin. “Not everyone has room to store garbage in a cool place, so this is another concern.”

Zebin said the issue is a concern and that the city should look at going back to a weekly collection.

Zeabin, who has never run for office before, says he is looking forward to a fair and respectful campaign.

Zeabin is running against incumbent John Dooley, Janice Morrison, Tom Prior and John Buffery.

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