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Improve infrastructure, says Nelson mayoral candidate John Buffery

Nelson mayoral candidate John Buffery is looking to keep the city reaching towards the future with community involvement and goals he feels will help residents “focus on the prize.”

“I came here in 1979, as a young man, with tons of goals and aspirations,” says Buffery. “The community has given me a lot of opportunities over the years, and now I want to give back.”

Buffery is looking to maintain the core qualities of the city which focuses around culture, saying the culture of Nelson is what attracts people to the city.

“The heritage of Nelson has set a tone in the city for quality,” he says. “This is what brings our tourism industry here. It is the arts, music and the many other great festivals that define our city.”

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Buffery is looking to improve the infrastructure and deal with the housing crisis in order to build and grow Nelson to its potential.

“I work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure,” he says. “So I know what needs to be done, we just need to communicate this to the public.”

Buffery is confident that with improvements to the aging infrastructure that Nelson can accommodate more growth commercially and residentially.

“We had a water main break on the main street earlier this year,” says Buffery. “We need to address these issues before this happens, not after.”

Buffery works with the Nelson Chamber of Commerce and is looking forward to serving the citizens of Nelson at city hall.

The other mayoral contenders are incumbent John Dooley, incumbent councillor Janice Morrison, Tom Prior, and Mike Zeabin.

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