Jessica Lunn re-elected mayor in Slocan; tie for council seat

Slocan village office (Greg Nesteroff/Vista Radio)

Jessica Lunn secured a third consecutive term as mayor of Slocan with a 94 to 72 victory over former councillor Dave Fredrickson.

Meanwhile, in the council race, there is a tie for the final position, which will be going to a judicial recount.

Jordan Knott topped the polls with 98 votes, followed by incumbent councillor Madeline Perriere with 92, and Joanna Van Bynen with 77.

The tie is between Nicol Berinstein and incumbent Ezra Buller, who each finished with 72. What’s more, Delaine Hird was only one vote back of both of them with 71.

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Chief elections officer Michelle Gordon said the application for the judicial recount will be submitted tomorrow and must be completed by Oct. 28, but the speed depends on the courts.

Further down the list, Heather Marshall had 39, Steve Baal 33, Shanoon Bennett 21, Jeremi Buzolitch-Roy 18, Sophie Tear 18, Merina Matthew 10, and Elizabeth Azu six.

Voter turnout was 55 per cent.

In 2008, Slocan also had a tie for the final council seat that was finally settled by drawing lots.