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Toxic drug supply leaves thousands of families grieving

Leaders across different sectors of society have come together to combat the increased number of overdoses and preventable deaths that have been occuring, not just in BC but across Canada.

Getting to Tomorrow is organized by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and local community partners aimed at bringing together leaders from diverse sectors (business, government, health care and law enforcement) to come to a shared understanding of the overdose crisis and solutions to it.

According to a news release, in the last six years over 10,000 lives were lost in British Columbia to the toxic drug supply. This meant thousands of families are grieving, often in silence, due to a preventable tragedy.

According to Getting to Tomorrow, opioid deaths are increasing each year throughout Canada. Since 2016, overdoses have killed over 20,000 people nationwide with 14 thousand of them in Ontario and BC alone. 

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According to a news release, the only way out of the crisis is to tackle it head on.  “The toxic drug poisoning crisis is a direct product of prohibition, deeply entangled with colonialism,” the coalition said. “ No singular solution can end this crisis.’

Getting to Tomorrow works in partnership with the Nelson Fentanyl Task Force, ANKORS (AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society), and REDUN (Rural Empowered Drug Users Network).

For more information about the federal campaign visit Getting to Tomorrow’s website.

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