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RDCK Area G candidate comes close to dethroning veteran

“I have learned a lot during my campaign,” says one RDCK Area G candidate after she came close to beating veteran incumbent Hans Cunningham.

Anna Bundschuh says she entered the campaign with high hopes after hearing from several residents that her message resonated with them. 

“It was so cool to get out to so many places in the region,” Bundschuh says. “To knock on their doors and hear stories about the area gave me a new appreciation for what happens at the regional level.”

She said there were a lot of mixed messages when she campaigned, but many of those messages were because most voters did not expect to see anyone knock on their door to talk about issues concerning them.

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“It was a first for many people considering we live in rural BC,” she says. “Many people do not want you coming to their door unless you are invited.”

This was Budschuh’s first time seeking elected office and after reflecting on her recent campaign she says she would change a few things if she decided to run again, but most of her experience was positive.

“I didn’t know much about the rights as a candidate,” Bundschuh says. “I didn’t know that during a campaign we had a right to go to people’s houses and knock on their doors. I just wish that information was public.”

Bundschuh says although the outcome was not in her favor she is pleased with everyone she engaged with. 

“Eighty per cent of people I spoke to were grateful I was there,” she says. “They were actively listening and were interested in what I had to say, so I looked at it as a gain.”

Bundschuh was uncertain if she would run again, but is open to the idea. 

She lost the election to Cunningham after he obtained 54 percent of the vote in Area G.

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