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Dooley topped Nelson election candidates in spending

Financial contributions are the driving force in any candidate’s campaign, especially in a community like Nelson, but do they actually dictate the outcome of the election?

Nelson residents can now answer that question  after Elections BC published mayoral and council candidate expenditures from the last municipal election in October. 

Mayoral candidates 

Incumbent John Dooley pulled in the most contributions after receiving $13,750 from various contributors across the city.

Some of his top contributors were Anders Malpass at  $1,250 as well as six contributions of $1,000 each from Ken Kalesnikoff, Craig Upper, Joseph Huber, Mario DiBella, Kimberly Pang and Scott Weatherford.

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Janice Morrison, who won the election, gathered $8,131 in campaign contributions,  topped by $1,250 from herself. 

Contributions of $500 each came from Gurjit and Ramneet Brar and John Morrison.

John Buffery, who finished third, secured $2,250 in donations from Baldface Lodge in the amount of $1,250, and Terry Maglio of $1,000. 

Tom Prior, who was fourth, spent $2,000, and fifth-place finisher Mike Zeabin spent $2,616.

Councilor candidates

Among the successful city council candidates, there was a wide range of totals.

Leslie Payne, who topped the polls, spent $2,459; Kate Tait raised $1,400 and spent $1,392; incumbent Keith Page raised $1,200 but only spent $83; incumbent Jesse Woodward raised $450 and spent $322; incumbent Rik Logtenberg spent $328, and Jessie Pineiro spent nothing.

Among those who were unsuccessful, Glenn Sutherland spent $289, Ainslee Hastings $120, Brenton Raby $43, and Kyle Wilkinson nothing.

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