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Kootenay-Columbia MP feels federal budget shows lack of care toward deficit

Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison feels the newly announced federal budget shows a lack of fiscal responsibility.

Morrison says the proposed federal spending plan does not go far enough to address government debt

“The government doesn’t seem to understand that, if you have a credit card and you keep racking up your credit card, that interest is almost more than what you can afford, and yet here we are going down that road,” said Morrison.

“We have to quit spending money and start cutting back on things in Ottawa. like our bureaucracy that is not working, and start getting help to people who need it, and that’s low-income and seniors.”

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Morrison levied the blame on the federal Liberals for driving up inflation and said the new proposed budget will raise it even higher.

“I think their vision was to spend more money and drive up inflation, they knew that was going to happen,” said Morrison. “Even the finance minister admitted that it will happen if we run a deficit.”

He claimed the government will attempt to tackle the deficit through increased tax revenue.

“The only way they can pay for that deficit is through taxes, so that means we’re all going to pay more taxes,” said Morrison. “I thought they were going to come out with a zero new dollar spend, but they came out with $43-billion. Their vision is spend, spend, spend – we’ll worry about it later.”

You can read more about the federal budget below.

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