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RDCK rejects motion to increase expense allowance for directors

The RDCK board has decided not to amend a bylaw to increase the amount rural directors can claim for mileage and other expenses while attending meetings on behalf of the district. 

The motion proposed by Area C director Kelly Vandenberghe, which did not specify an amount but asked for a staff review, was defeated during a meeting on Thursday. 

According to a bylaw already in place, RDCK directors are reimbursed 57 cents per kilometer traveled and receive a per diem allowance of $66 per 24 hour period when they are travelling.  

Vice-chair Diana Lockwood says she is not surprised the motion was put forward, especially when people didn’t know what exactly would be covered in their roles. 

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“Directors engage continuosly everyday through their home, or work,” she says. “I think it came down to the unknown factor of what the job entailed in local government.” 

Lockwood was one of many who voted the motion down, and says she opposed the motion based off the fact most directors want to serve the public and it should not be about the money. 

“I knew, with attending a lot of meetings before getting involved, what was involved with being involved with municipal government,” she says. “I didn’t go into this job knowing this was going to pave my way despite putting in over 30 hours for our constituents. 

“I think it that is what constituents need to understand is how much local government officials put in on their behalf.” 

Directors Tom Newell and Theresa Weatherhead supported Vandenberghe with the motion to increase renumeration.

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