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‘Crazy talk’: Local MP displeased with passing of Liberal gun control bill

The federal Liberal gun control legislation Bill C-21 is now law after passing the Senate without changes last week.

The Liberal government says the legislation will tighten gun laws to include “red flag” and “yellow flag” provisions and freeze the sale, purchase or transfer of all handguns in Canada among other measures.

Kootenay Columbia MP Rob Morrison said the bill targets law-abiding citizens and doesn’t help combat organized crime.

“How somebody can think that taking legal guns from legal gun owners is going to reduce organized crime and gang activity is insanity,” said Morrison.

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“We have a lot of people in our community that are hunters, sport shooters, guides and outfitters that store their guns properly and ammunition properly and they are being penalized because this government feels that by taking every gun away they are going to reduce the crime on the streets which is crazy talk.”

The bill does address some things regarding smuggled guns, such as upping the maximum Criminal Code penalties for gun smuggling from 10 to 14 years in prison.

The bill was passed in a 60-24 vote on Dec. 14.

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