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Local MP looking for more discussion in new year

Kootenay Columbia’s MP is hoping for more debate in the legislature this year.

MP Rob Morrison says that’s been lacking for a while now.

“I’m hoping that we have the ability to debate a lot of the bills that are going through so that we can bring out the good things and not-so-good things and maybe change some of the bills so they are more reflective of what Canadians want overall,” he said.

“We’ve been shut down in a lot of our debates. We want to debate issues but they’ve closed down debates and said ‘No we’re pumping that bill through’.

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Morrison also wants more consideration for rural areas like the Kootenays and not just urban centres.

“We need to get people to say you know what we’re all one, what will help us all not just one selective group,” he added.

He’s not super optimistic that that will happen, but he said he’ll keep bringing the issue up.

“You always hope. That’s why I’m there fighting the fight and I’m vocal about what’s important for Kootenay Columbia. what’s going to help us out here? That’s what I fight for knowing that sometimes it’s in direct conflict with what someone in Montreal might want.”

MPs will be back in parliament on Jan. 29.

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